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Statement from the President

Our team is committed to strengthening our relationships with strategic partners in the Canadian market by leveraging our established trading, warehousing, sub-assembly, manufacturing, and investment capabilities.

We operate across diverse business sectors and are dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality. We actively pursue business ventures aimed at addressing environmental challenges.

The proactive changes we are making today will not only enhance our customer service but also reinforce our collective commitment to creating a better tomorrow.


About Our Parent Company

Toyota Tsusho Corporation
by the Numbers




Demonstrating global leadership and capacity to drive sustainable growth and value creation across diverse markets.

Number of Employees



Exemplifying a commitment to fostering a collaborative and engaged workforce, driving innovation and excellence across its operations.

Major Shareholders


Toyota Motor Corp.

Demonstrating strong backing from key industry players, fostering stability and confidence.

Number of Group Companies


subsidiaries & affiliates

Providing extensive reach and diversified portfolio to drive innovation and deliver value across a wide range of industries and markets.

Our Canadian Divisions

Driving Innovation in Canada



Dedicated to enhancing and fortifying supply chains, our Supply Chain Division is committed to creating and supporting companies that drive improvement, protection, and connectivity within supply networks. With a focus on risk reduction and value generation, we offer tailored procurement and supply chain solutions to meet the demands of dynamic and rapidly changing global markets. We empower our customers to navigate complexities and seize opportunities, ensuring efficiency, resilience, and success in today’s interconnected business landscape.


At the forefront of environmental sustainability, our Circular Economy Division is dedicated to fostering innovation in recycling, efficiency, and waste reduction. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we develop and implement solutions that not only support environmental sustainability but also create opportunities for green job growth. With a focus on promoting circularity and minimizing waste, we aim to transform traditional linear economic models into sustainable, regenerative systems that benefit both our planet and our communities.


At the forefront of sustainable infrastructure development, our Green Infrastructure Division is dedicated to supporting the rapidly growing renewable energy market. From purchasing to installation and ongoing support, we specialize in delivering the next generation of industrial machinery designed to reduce costs and minimize environmental footprints in large-scale advanced manufacturing operations. With a focus on driving innovation and efficiency, we aim to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes and pave the way for a more sustainable industrial landscape.


Unlocking Potential through Diverse Operations

Toyota Tsusho Canada’s Woodstock Facility is a key center for its Metals Recycling operations and a range of automotive parts distribution, global logistics, and new business development services. The facility serves various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Toyota, Ford, and General Motors. The facility boasts a warehouse spanning 77,000 square feet and an office space of 8,000 square feet, offering a wide range of services including import/export, inventory management, repacking, kitting, sub-assembly, sequencing, and quality control. Since its establishment, the Woodstock Facility has been a symbol of Toyota Tsusho Canada’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in operations.

Established in 2003, Toyota Tsusho’s Cambridge Facility stands as a cornerstone of industrial innovation and excellence. With a diverse range of operations spanning industrial supply management, machinery and equipment importation and installation, chemical supply, and non-automotive business development, the facility plays a pivotal role in driving forward progress and innovation. Through its multifaceted operations, Toyota Tsusho’s Cambridge Facility continues to shape the landscape of industrial excellence in the region.

Chris Medeiros

General Manager, Woodstock Facility

Woodstock: Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

From import/export logistics and warehousing to sub-assembly, sequencing, and repacking, we provide tailored solutions to meet our clients’ diverse needs. 

We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that drive supply chain efficiency and exceed our clients' expectations.

Cambridge: Creating Value & Shaping Industry

We’re transforming traditional supply chains into dynamic value chains, offering end-to-end solutions across diverse industries. By streamlining complex manufacturing and supply chain processes, we ensure efficiency and reliability at every step. 

With a focus on collaboration and innovation, we're shaping a value-driven ecosystem that drives success for all stakeholders.

Ken Boparai

Senior Manager, Cambridge Facility

EST. 2003


Toyota Tsusho Canada has been a key player in the Canadian market since its inception. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we have evolved into a trusted partner for businesses across various sectors, driving value every step of the way.


Toyota Tsusho Corporation is established


Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. is established


Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc. is established with a facility in Cambridge, ON


Maple Automotive establishes its facility in Cambridge, ON 


Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc. opens a facility in Woodstock, ON


Maple Automotive and Green Metals Canada establish their facilities in Woodstock, ON


Green Metals Canada establishes a facility in Cambridge, ON


Expanding Our Capabilities through Local Partnerships


Green Metals Canada

Committed to sustainable practices, Green Metals effectively processes scrap metal and plastic materials to minimize waste and maximize resource utilization.

Maple Automotive

With a focus on precision and efficiency, Maple Automotive ensures top quality tire and wheel assembly while streamlining transportation and distribution processes for our clients.


Toyota Tsusho Canada's Vision for Excellence

Our business philosophy, encapsulated in ‘Be the Right One’, is a commitment to comprehensive excellence.We cultivate a vibrant culture of creativity, reliability, accountability, flexibility, and teamwork, activating the full potential of our stakeholders. Aligned with the Toyotsu Core Values, we prioritize innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Our aim is not only to expand our business size and create benefits for our customers but also to contribute positively to our communities and society as responsible corporate citizens. Through our philosophy, we envision a brighter future for all.

Under the slogan “Passing on a better global environment to the children of the future,” we are determined to be future-oriented and sincere. We strive to embody “Be the Right ONE” as an irreplaceable presence for society and our customers, continuously earning trust and loyalty.

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